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Welcome To Green Palm

About Green Palm

Green Palm is a name of our new company which is active in exporting Date and Date Products. This company the result of one of the biggest Date products factory in Middle East as producer and SunSeas Business Group as trade company for export to rest of the world. We are hopeful to export the best date products to rest of the world in near future. We believe that, the Date have a big ability to be in food basket of all people in around the world.

A Gift from Nature

A Gift from Nature

Date tree or palm is the oldest plant which has been existed in the world and has a 7000 years history. There are 400 types date in the world. In Iran it is produced in relatively vast variety that based on existing resources and information exceeds of 100 types. Dates are one of the fruits from the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) that grows most in Middle Eastern countries and export to the world as date and date’s products. This fruit and its products can be used in daily food recipes as well as drinks and snacks for all ages.




This product processed of delicious date(s) with chocolate taste and color which is made of 80% of date(s) and 20% of powdered milk and cocoa.

Date paste

This product 100% of date(s), pasteurized, without any preservative or additive, having homogeneous tissue.

Date syrup

It is a fairly sweet liquid product, black color, 100% natural of Date(s), Pasteurize, without any additive, preservative and color. It is suitable for all ages

Date sauce

It is natural product of date, without any preservative and fat which includes date syrup, vinegar, salt and spices.

Date nectar

This is a sweetie product relatively tart because of concentrate in 49C, amethystine and clear, completely refined, and useful for all aging group.