Date tree or palm is the oldest plant which has been existed in the world and has a 7000 years history. There are 400 types date in the world. In Iran it is produced in relatively vast variety that based on existing resources and information exceeds of 100 types. Date is composed of three sections of chow, hard stone and cap. Date is composed of 75% glucose, 2% protein, 2.5% fat, 1.2% mineral (which it has much amount of iron, potassium and less amount of phosphor, manganese and cooper) and enough amount of A-B-C vitamins.


Date is a precious and full of energy source and based on nourish experts, it is considered as the worthiest food. Dates are one of the fruits from the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) that grows most in Middle Eastern countries and export to the world as date and date’s products. This fruit and its products can be used in daily food recipes as well as drinks and snakes for all range of age. Date has a sweet taste with high nutritional values. Some of these values are such as:


Date contains 44-88% glucose that is a most important carbohydrate to produce energy.


Date contains 2.3-5.6% protein, which is essential for human body for growth and maintenance.


Dates contain 4.6-11% soluble fiber that reduces the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) that may decrease the cardio vascular disease.


Some of the minerals that date contains are selenium, fluorine and zinc. Selenium contains antioxidant to reduce the risk of cancer and increases the immune function. Fluorine protects teeth against decay. Zinc is effective for immune system and speed up the healing process after injury.


Dates contain vitamin A, B and C. vitamin A helps to development of blood cells and function of vision. Vitamin B helps to produce energy and vitamin C will help the immune system against the colds and flue.


Dactylifric acid is an antioxidant enzyme that founds in date to reduce the risk of cancer.

Iran is one of the country that export its dates and dates products. These products are syrup, honey, chocolate, paste, liquid sugar, nectar, sauce and vinegar. Fallowing information will introduce you to our date’s products, their daily uses and nutritional values.