Dates chocolates

This product processed of delicious date(s) with chocolate taste and color which is made of 80% of date(s) and 20% of powdered milk and cocoa. It is pasteurized and can be served as a snack for children and used in cakes and cookies.


  • 80% date(s)
  • 15% powdered milk & Cocoa
  • 5% liquid oil


  • Home uses: breakfast and afternoon snack complementary
  • suitable for all age groups specially children and athletes

Nutritional value

  • Useful for bones strength
  • Energy supplier for daily activity
  • Nourishing, because of cocoa and date(s) sweetness is exhilarating and happy maker
  • Useful for eliminating sickness and depression.
  • Useful for curing and prevention of anemia
Amount per 100 gr
Energy 376 Kcal
Protein 5.75
Fat 8.5
Carbohydrate 69

Packing Type

  • 20 gram (sachet)
  • 50 gram
  • 500 gram (Crystal)
  • Industrial packing
  • As your requests